hello, fire
Waking up on Sunday the 17th, Eva was a little confused. Mostly because she felt like she was burning up, and she had the feeling that she was happy to be that way.

Of course, smelling smoke wasn't something she really wanted to deal with first thing in the morning, and waking up and opening her eyes, she saw the curtains in the bedroom were on fire. With green flame.

"FUCK! MY LANDLORD IS GONNA KILL ME!" She screamed out, mostly to her, and ran over to the curtains to try to make it better. Only her touching the curtains made it worse, and the flame went up higher...but it was oddly contained. It stayed on the one curtain, and it wasn't until she touched the curtain next to it that the flame went there.

It was then that she realized the green flame was coming from her.

Any other person would have freaked out. But not Eva. In fact, her first instinct was to play with the flames, and watch as the green flame moved around her hands and arms, not burning her at all. It was a pretty awesome sight to see, and she was enjoying it more than she wanted to admit.

But then the flame on the curtains were starting to hit the ceiling and she started to try to will the fire away. Which, of course didn't work, because it was fire. So instead she started to hit it with pillows, but that caused the pillow to catch on fire. Eventually she got a spray bottle of water and ended up getting the flames out that way.

Note to self, get a fire extinguisher, she thought, as she ran around the apartment trying to clean up things, and trying not to set anything else on fire. Because she should be freaking out, but she wasn't. She was excited to be who she was. To have the memories that she had. Bea, the other side of her, was happy to know that Eva was still a model, and still seemed to have the business side of her life evened out.

The memories of Fire were coming easily to her now, and she was happy exploring them, as she walked past a mirror. She stopped when she got past the mirror, and walked backwards to face it again, and grinned at what she saw.

"Oh!" She finally said as she looked at the mirror and saw Beatriz da Costa (ew that was her mother's name. Gross.) staring back at her. "Not too bad, Eva," She said as she admired the view, looking over her own curves and accents in the mirror, but frowned when she saw the deep brown hair. "Could have done better with the hair though. Maybe we can ombre it for a bit, get the green back in there. Tora would love that!"

Then she paused for a moment. Tora. Her Ice to her Fire, quite literally. The woman who kept her grounded, and most importantly, was the closest thing to a soulmate that she would ever have.

Of course, without Tora immediately here next to her, she started to freak out. Where was she? Who could she be? Was she even here? "Oh god, please tell me she's not dead again," She managed to get out in an anxious whisper, just as her phone started to go off.

When she looked at her phone, it was to the best message ever, to a heart-shaped piece of ice, and a joke from the movie Frozen, and she couldn't hide how happy and excited she was. So she wasn't alone. So she was with her gang, she was with her lovely Icemaiden, and she was her Green Flame.

She texted back quickly I'm coming over, I'm gonna melt your heart ;) <3. Eva ran out of the door, leaving her apartment with the half burned curtains - because those could be totally replaced. Right now, she needed to see Tess.

Fire and ice, together again? Bea was going to make sure she did everything in her power to make sure she'd never lose Tora again.