a possible new beginning
She had gotten so used to the shifts already -- and it had only happened to her at least twice before, maybe more, she had lost count -- that when Bea appeared in the middle of what would and could have been an important conversation for Eva to be having with Ed, she hid her annoyance. Bea realized she always did manage to come back into things at the worst of times, but she did at least try to make things easier for Eva. She was always taking what Eva wanted into consideration.

That was until she saw the man standing in front of her, the man that Eva knew as Ed, but that Bea knew as Ted. Ted Kord, someone who should have still been dead, someone she had lost years ago and still struggled with the loss. Someone who had meant so much to her, but she had never had the chance to fully tell him what he meant to her. Because Bea wasn't usually one for words, she was one for actions, but sometimes she chickened out. Not being able to fully express her feelings for him had bothered her since he had died.

But he was here. Standing in front of her. Alive. Breathing. The instant movement to hug him, to hold onto him, to make herself really realize he was here with her; it was all she could do to keep her emotions at bay. She had lost so much, she had lost him, and now he was back. Maybe this weird place, whatever it was, could do some good. Even if her counterpart didn't have powers like she did. That was a bit on the annoying side but nothing she couldn't...try to fix somehow? But that wasn't the concern.

She wondered what it must have felt like that he was alive now, that he hadn't been resurrected like Tora had. He had died, he had been dead for years and she had never thought she was going to see him again. Now it felt like things could try to even out, fall back into place. But how was he dealing with it? Judging on the look on his face, he was shocked, though was handling things a bit better than she had expected - was she more emotionally compromised by this whole situation than he was?

Bea gently moved a hand to his chest, to feel the beating of his heart against her hand and she smiled. She hadn't been so sure that this place was a good one to be in, and while she had been left in the dark about things going on, why they were here, all of that, she ultimately tried to make it work. But with him here now, and everything starting to feel as though it was in the right place, she couldn't help but feel more optimistic than she had previously.

They chatted, she explained what she knew, and she stayed close to him - he stayed close to her, both of them not really willing to move; other than when Tora came over to greet them, she hadn't wanted to let him out of her sight. He seemed keen on staying with her too; maybe it was because she was distracting him from the realization of what happened to him, or maybe it was something else. She didn't know. She didn't want to bother him by asking. Even she could acknowledge this was a lot to take in.

Heading out of the bar and into the night, she showed him her fire powers still worked, and he asked a million questions that she couldn't answer because she wasn't a scientist. But it felt good to talk, it felt good to laugh. Where things would lead, she didn't know. But at least now she -- they -- had a chance to find out.